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Information about Mirena & Jaydess coils

What is a Mirena or Jaydess coil?


Mirena and Jaydess are plastic T shaped intrauterine contraceptive system containing the hormone progesterone. Because the device (coil) is in the womb itself, they are much more effective in controlling vaginal bleeding (compared to the progesterone only pill and implant)

These systems are used in women for the following:

  • Contraception:

    • Mirena for a maximum of 5 years

    • Jaydess for a maximum of 3 years

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Keeping the lining of the womb healthy for women taking HRT (4 years) and other conditions such as PCOS. (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)

It is very effective as a contraceptive and user friendly (you don’t need to remember to take a pill every day!) It is rapidly reversible if you have plans to start a family and has no effects on fertility.

Risks from having the Mirena or Jaydess coil fitted

Coil insertions are a generally safe and the most common complications are irregular bleeding, perforation, infection, and expulsion.

  • It is common to get irregular bleeding with the Mirena or Jaydess coil for 3-6 months after insertion. After 6 months most women (95%) have either no periods, very infrequent periods or very light periods.

  • The risk of perforation (making a hole in) the womb or cervix is uncommon (up to 2 per 1000 insertions).

  • There is an increase in risk of pelvic infection in the 20 days following insertion of intrauterine contraception.

  • To prevent infection we ask that you complete self taken vaginal swabs (see below) before the coil insertion and any infections found are treated.

  • The risk of expulsion (the coil coming out) is 1 in 20 and most common in the first year. The coil has threads so that you can check it is there or you can ask the practice nurse to check if you are unsure.

What happens on the day of the procedure?

  • On the day of the procedure it is recommended you take some pain relief like paracetamol and/or ibuprofen if you are able to take this about an hour before the procedure.

  • The doctor will need to examine you to establish the position of your womb.

  • She will then use a speculum (the device used to do a smear) to find your cervix.

  • The area will then be cleaned.

  • To introduce the coil safely she will use a special instrument to hold on to the cervix and another one to measure the length of your womb.

  • She will then insert the coil.

  • The procedures are not usually very painful and the insertion of the coil will feel like a sharp period pain. There can be discomfort like a period pain after the fit and for a few days afterwards.

How to take vaginal swabs

  • Taking your own vaginal swabs is easy to do

  • You can either self-swab your vagina at home or in the surgery and hand back into the practice to be sent to the lab.

  • Insert the bud end of the swab into the vagina, about half way up and swish around, making good contact with the vaginal walls for 30secs.

  • There are 2 swabs that need to be taken:

    • a black handle charcoal swab (that checks for common infections like thrush and bacterial vaginosis)-simply throw away the plastic top on the test tube and insert the black handled swab into the test tube once taken.

    • a swab with a yellow lid on the test tube (checks for common sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhoea).  Place the swab tip into the test tube after removing yellow lid and snap the swab handle (there is a break in the swab arm so this should be easy.) Then replace the yellow lid. (be careful not to spill the liquid out of the tube)

  • Place both of the swabs into the plastic lab bag and seal shut and hand back to reception.

  • Once we have received your swab results our admin staff will contact you regarding an appointment for mirena fit.

Important information before your appointment

Please read the information on this page carefully and ask your doctor or nurse if there is anything that you do not understand. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood all the information especially the points below before we can go ahead with your appointment.

  • You must be confident you are not pregnant; please confirm you do not see any reason why you could be pregnant.

  • If you have an implant or coil already or use condoms, diaphragm or other natural methods of contraception please confirm you have abstained from sex for the last 7 days prior to the procedure..

  • If you take the pill, combined or progesterone only, have an implant or already or use condoms, diaphragm or other natural methods of contraception please confirm that you have taken the pill correctly for the last 7 days prior to the procedure.

  • If you have an implant, coil or injection please confirm that you are not overdue a new coil, injection or implant and therefore that your current contraceptive method is still working.

  • It is sensible to take a “pain-killer” at least half an hour before the fitting, to reduce the possibility of cramps afterwards eg. Paracetamol 1gr, or Ibuprofen (nurofen) 400mg please confirm that you have done this or have chosen not to take painkillers..

  • Please allow at least half an hour for the appointment. Although the procedure does not take this long, a few women feel faint afterwards and need time to recover. Please confirm you are aware of this. It is recommended that you have someone you can contact by phone, who would be able to collect you, in case you feel unwell.

  • Please remember that some sanitary protection may be required afterwards. You may wish to bring your own sanitary towel or panty liner with you. Tampons should not be used for the first three days after the fitting.

  • Please note that you should abstain from sexual intercourse for three days after the fitting. If the IUD or IUS has been fitted after day 7 of your cycle, you should use another contraceptive method (condoms, pill etc) as well for the next seven days.

  • The Mirena coil, I am aware it is licenced for FIVE YEARS and that it is my responsibility to call the surgery to get a replacement when the FIVE years are up.

  • The Jaydess coil, I am aware it is licenced for THREE YEARS and that it is my responsibility to call the surgery to get a replacement when the THREE years are up.

Please complete the form below, once we have received your response we will be in touch to arrange an appointment


IUS Consent Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
I confirm I have read the information provided to me and am aware of the potential side effects and complications of the Mirena or Jaydess coil that have been described above. By submitting this form, I am implying consent for the procedure.(Required)