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Be Wise. Immunise against COVID-19

This spring, the NHS is offering a free COVID-19 vaccine to people most vulnerable and at the highest risk of getting seriously unwell if they catch the virus.

Who can get a vaccine?

The criteria from Spring has changed slightly from the Autumn boosters. Here’s who is eligible:

  • Adults over 75 (or turning 75 by 30th June 2024)
  • Residents in a care home for older adults.
  • Anyone aged 6 months and older with a weakened immune system.

The full details, including the criteria for immunosuppressed people, are on the UK Health Security Agency website.

Why get another vaccine?

Getting vaccinated is the safest and best way to protect yourself against catching COVID-19 this spring.

Even if you had a booster vaccine last Autumn or Winter, getting another dose is important to keep you protected.

COVID-19 vaccines are most effective in the first three months. They don’t stop working, but their effectiveness does begin to fade.

Book your Spring COVID-19 Vaccine

There are many ways to get your Spring vaccine, but the quickest and easiest way is to book online.

Here are all your options: